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Start Projekte Projektdatenbank NeTWoRM: Net-based Training for Work-Related Medicine
Projekt: NeTWoRM: Net-based Training for Work-Related Medicine

Status: FinalistIn MEDIDA-PRIX 2009

Haupteinreicher/in: Prof. Dr., MSc Katja Radon

Institution: Universität München


Internet: zur Projektseite

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Occupational health is a global issue. Therefore, the main aim of the project NetWoRM (Net-based training for Work-related Medicine) is to set-up an international case-based e-learning curriculum for occupational medicine (OM) which completes and enhances traditional train-ing in this content domain. In order to improve teaching in OM, web-based cases have been created and implemented at the University of Munich since 1999. Target groups are pre- and postgraduate medical students, as well as physicians in CME. Additionally, occupational health nurses, health and safety inspectors, company physicians and recently pupils in secondary education are tar-geted. The integration strategies differ depending on the needs each target group. As it does not seem useful to build up disconnected teaching modules for OM in each coun-try, the project has been further developed with a view on an international base in Europe, North- and South Africa. For case creation, CASUS (Instruct AG), an online e-learning plat-form for creating, distributing and evaluating cases, is used. Lectures in case creation, di-dactical aspects and in integration into the curriculum completed the training of the Net-WoRM partners. By now a total of 60 cases in eight languages are available. The project strengthens the international dimension in education at all levels and facilitate wide trans-national access to educational resources worldwide, promoting equal opportuni-ties throughout education. At the same time it increases co-operation and mobility in the field of education, in particular by encouraging and fostering exchanges between educational institutions, promoting open and distance learning. Long-term sustainability is the current stage of the project including the development of successful business models.